• Image of [animalpharm] new 3-blend VARIANT sample pack

Our new VARIANTS are just that, a new take on the same concepts as our original hi-dose blends, with a little help from your feedbacks and wishlists.

StandAloneComplex- Standalonecomplex is a pure and clean racetam blend; 3 generations of the same evolving compound, branching and growing stronger with each fork, all different yet all of the same noot roots.

Phoenix Down-PhoenixDown Phoenixdown is a nighttime/antianxiety blend featuring a quad crisis core of neurotransmitter precursors(Acetylcholine, GABA, Dopamine & Serotonin) that refresh your reserves and elixirize your mindbrains.

Kaneda-Kaneda is a lot like Tetsuo without the stims; Calmer and smoother, yet still to the point-

ACh, NGF, hepato/neuroprotection, antioxidants, cog augs and more than twice the raw material via polyrhachis as Tetsuo to jumpstart all your in-vivo synths and charge your laser batteries on the quick tip.