• Image of KANEDA blend(tetsuo variant) *Noopept *ALCAR *Polyrhachis *Lion's Mane

Each capsule contains:







Lion's Mane 20:1 extract


Schizandra Chinensis 20:1 extract


Polyrhachis Vicina 20:1 extract




NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine)


(Dosage: Up to 3 caps per day as needed for added energy and increased cognitive ability)

Kaneda is a lot like Tetsuo without the stims; Calmer and smoother, yet still to the point-

ACh, NGF, hepato/neuroprotection, antioxidants, cog augs and more than twice the raw material via polyrhachis as Tetsuo to jumpstart all your in-vivo synths and charge your laser batteries on the quick tip.

Its true, Kaneda isnt as powerful as Tetsuo, but we all know who eventually won that war.


*B-12 brain spikes are an added 1mg of Methylcobalamin per cap, or roughly 10x the recommended minimal daily intake <3