• Image of REGEN Nootropic Blend *Phenibut        *NALT        *Choline

Each capsule contains:

Choline (250mg)
NALT (350mg)
Phenibut (350mg)

(Dosage: 1-3 caps in the evening or before overtly stressful situations)

REGEN is the medic. Just like anything, the harder your brain works the more fuel it guzzles; run out of fuel and youre dead in the water. This apothecary blends a tri-force of rejuvenating ingredients meant to be taken in the evening to increase sleep-production of:

Acetylcholine- An essential neorutransmitter of the nervous and muscular systems

GABA- The chief inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system

Tyrosine- An amino acid and precursor to neurotransmitters, dopamine and norephedrine

Blending these three elixirs together is the perfect way to get a balanced dose of various opposing compounds essential for a healthy brain/nervous system, while simultaneously:

-Producing a calming alertness under prolonged stressful situations
-Improving moods in high-anxiety situations
-Regulating healthier sleeping patterns
-Backing up racetam/stim regimens with the boost of juice they need.

REGEN- Drain that strain right outta your brain.