• Image of KUSANAGI Nootropic Blend *Noopept *Piracetam

Each capsule contains:

Noopept (100mg)
Piracetam (850mg)

(Dosage: 1 cap daily)

KUSANAGI is the workhorse baseline. If this is your first foray into nootropics, or youre looking to increase your racetam intake, this is a good blend to start with. It has piracetam, the most well-known of all noots; as well as a more bio-available peptide analogue of piracetam called noopept thats 1000x the strength. These two different-yet-similar compounds saturate the brain through different channels, increasing its blood/oxygen flow, enhancing membrane fluidity, drastically reducing levels of lipofuscin(the chief cause of cell aging), and stimulating NGF(Nerve Growth Factor), a protein that triggers adult stem cells in the brain to become fresh neurons. All this equates to better memory, focus, learning, speaking and decision-making abilities, both in the short run and with long-term cumulative effects.

I guess thats why they use it to treat everything from alzheimer's and other neurological disorders, to alcoholism, anxiety and even headaches.

Everyone could use a little ghost-hacking every now and then.

Go on, get re/wired.

*B-12 brain spikes are an added 1mg of Methylcobalamin per cap, or roughly 10x the recommended minimal daily intake <3