This sample pack contains 3 separate nootropic blends:

Kusanagi- A pure noot, increasing cognitive thinking, mental clarity, focus, memory and learning/speaking abilities, meant to be taken in a daily regimen.

Regen- A rejuvenating blend of neurotransmitter precursors working together to produce a calming relief from long term anxiety, stress and insomnia, as well as restoring fuel reserves during nootropic stacks and regimens in ones sleep.

Tetsuo- A strong blend of nootropics, herbal extracts and mild stimulants intended for 'as needed' doses, rather than regimens, when heightened focus is required. Its affect is an increase in concentration, energy and cognitive ability, both in the short term and with longer cumulative effects, as well as relieving the stress that comes with the brain running quicker, keeping the user calm during the overclock.